Pronunciation guide

IPA Symbols

Vowel Sounds
ɑ calm, ah
æ act, mass
ɑɪ dive, cry
ɑʊ out, down
ɛ met, lend, pen
say, weight
ɪ fit, win
i feed, me
ɒ lot, spot
note, coat
ɔ claw, more
ɔɪ boy, joint
ʊ could, stood
u you, use
ʌ fund, must
ә the first vowel in about
i second vowel in very
u second vowel in actual


Stress is shown by a line below the stressed syllable. For example, in the word accomplish, /әkɒmplɪʃ/, the second syllable is stressed.

Consonant Sounds
b bed, rub
d done, red
f fit, if
g good, dog
h hat, horse
k king, pick
l lip, bill
әl handle, panel
m mat, ram
n not, tin
әn hidden, written
p pay, lip
r run, read
s soon, bus
t talk, bet
v van, love
w win, wool
x loch
y yellow, you
z zoo, buzz
ʃ ship, wish
ʒ measure, leisure
ŋ sing, working
cheap, witch
θ thin, myth
ð then, bathe
joy, bridge