English Vocabulary-Animal world

Best English Vocabulary of Animal world





1) a creature such as a dog or a cat, but not a bird, fish,insect,or huma  2)  any  living  creature, including  a human

  • ant

a small  crawling  insect  that  lives in  large  groups

  • bat

a small      animal, like a mouse  with wings, that sleeps upside down during  the day   and  comes out to fly  at night

  • bear

a large, strong wild animal with thick fur and  sharp claws

  • bee

a yellow   and  black  striped  flying insect  that  makes  a  sweet   food (called honey) and can sting you

  • bird

an animal with feathers and wings

  • bull

1 a male animal of the cow family

2 a male animal of some other animal families, such as elephants and whales

  • butterfly

an insect with large colored wings

  • calf

a young cow

  • camel

an animal with one or two large lumps on its back

  • cat

a small animal covered with fur, that people in some countries keep as a pet

  • caterpillar

a small animal with a long body, that develops into a butterfly

  • cockroach

a large brown insect that likes to live in places where food is kept

  • cod

a large fish with white flesh

  • cow

a large female animal that is kept on farms for its milk

  • crab

a sea animal with a shell and ten legs. Crabs usually move sideways.

  • crocodile

a large animal with a long body, a long mouth, and sharp teeth. Crocodiles live in rivers in hot countries.

  • deer

a large wild animal that eats grass and leaves. Male deer usually have antlers (= large horns that look like branches).

  • dog

an animal that people in some countries keep as a pet, or use to guard buildings

  • donkey

an animal like a small horse with long ears

  • duck

a bird that lives near water

  • eagle

a large bird that eats small animals

  • eel

a long, thin fish that looks like a snake

  • elephant

a very large grey animal with a long nose called a trunk

  • fish (PL) fish

an animal that lives and swims in water, that people eat as food

  • fly

a small insect with two wings

  • fox

a wild animal that looks like a dog, and has red fur and a thick tail

  • frog

a small animal with smooth skin, big eyes, and long back legs that it uses for jumping. Frogs live in or near water.

  • giraffe

a large African animal with a very long neck, long legs, and dark spots on its body

  • goat

an animal that has horns, and hairs on its chin that look like a beard

  • goose

a large bird like a duck with a long neck

  • grasshopper

an insect that jumps high into the air and makes a sound with its long back legs

  • hedgehog

a small brown animal with sharp points covering its back

  • hen

a female chicken

  • hippopotamus

a very large animal with short legs and thick skin, that lives in and near rivers

  • horse

a large animal that people can ride

  • insect

a very small animal that has six legs. Most insects have wings.

  • jellyfish

a sea animal that has a clear soft body and that can sting you

  • kangaroo

a large Australian animal. A female kangaroo carries her baby in a pocket (called a pouch) on her stomach.

  • kitten

a very young cat

  • ladybird

a small round insect that is red or yellow with black spots

  • lamb

a young sheep

  • lion

a large wild cat that lives in Africa. Lions have yellow fur, and male lions have manes (= long hair on their head and neck).

  • lizard

a small animal with a long tail and rough skin