English Vocabulary|Numbers/ordinal numbers

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The list of english vocabulary ordinal numbers

Numbers/ordinal numbers


1 one

2 two

3 three

4 four

5 five

6 six

7 seven

8 eight

9 nine

10 ten

11 eleven

12 twelve

13 thirteen

14 fourteen

15 fifteen

16 sixteen

17 seventeen

18 eighteen

19 nineteen

20 twenty

21 twenty-one

22 twenty-two

30 thirty

40 forty

50 fifty

60 sixty

70 seventy

80 eighty

90 ninety

100 a/one hundred

101 a/one hundred and one

1,000 a/one thousand

10,000 ten thousand

100,000 a/one hundred thousand

1,000,000 a/one million


We write numbers over 20 (except 30, 40, 50, etc) with a hyphen.
25 twenty-five

45 forty-five

82 eighty-two

59 fifty-nine

100 a/one hundred

1,000,000 a/one million

1,000 a/one thousand

One is more formal, and is often used in order to be very clear and precise.

LARGE NUMBERS We often use a comma to divide large numbers into groups of three figures.

1,235,578 one million, two hundred and thirty-five thousand, five hundred and seventy-eight


1st first

2nd second

3rd third

4th fourth

5th fifth

6th sixth

7th seventh

8th eighth

9th ninth

10th tenth

11th eleventh

12th twelfth

13th thirteenth

14th fourteenth

15th fifteenth

16th sixteenth

17th seventeenth

18th eighteenth

19th nineteenth

20th twentieth

21st twenty-first

22nd twenty-second

30th thirtieth

40th fortieth

50th fiftieth

60th sixtieth

70th seventieth

80th eightieth

90th ninetieth

100th hundredth

101st hundred and first

200th two hundredth

1,000th thousandth

10,000th ten thousandth

100,000th hundred thousandth

1,000,000th millionth